Riveting Renovation

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As someone who lived in Manhattan during September 11th I will never forget how beautiful the sky was that day. It was crystal clear and the most beautiful shade of blue I have ever seen. Every once and awhile I may see a sky that is similar and it always reminds me that humans are inherently good and want to help others. That was proven to me over and over again as New Yorkers rallied around each other willing to risk their own lives to help people they didn't even know and how horrific it is that there are people that live in other countries whose reality is a never ending September 11th.
We need to remember the ugliness, that pain and the fear and make sure we never forget.


Where in the World is The DineAir

Helloooo!!!!  So after an amazing (I know I say it alot- but it is one of my favorite words) adventure in Jackson Hole we are continuing to head West to get closer to our Alaskan Wedding in the Forest!  We are on our racing to get to our next destination to see some Fabulous Fireworks…stick around to see where that is.
One of our Sisters from the DineAir fleet,Our Pop-Up-Shop VenAir, has made her way to the super fun city of Austin, Texas.  She is super sleek and very shiny and is going to be the main attraction at Willie Nelson's 4th of July Picnic Concert.  
Willie has some AMAZING people joining him on stage Eric Church, Kacey Musgraves, and Merle Haggard just to name a few.  Another Country Music Event - we can't wait!  
See our beautiful VenAir catch everyone's attention and how AMAZING the VenAir looks on the inside!